ProSelect Modular X-Tall 3 Tier Cage Bank Kit, Black

  • CD&E Cage Assembly | Installing Shelves - Solid Back Panel / Front Litter Guards
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The easy way to safely hold pets in kennels, veterinary clinics, grooming shops, and more! This ProSelect Black Steel X-Tall Modular Cage Bank kit consists of two regular cages and one extra tall cage. Each cage bank kit includes a rolling cage base and all connecting hardware. Each cage includes a removable divider panel that lets you turn one full size cage into two smaller ones; two floor grates and two floor trays. Wheel Base is included FREE with the purchase of the Modular Cage Kit.

• Strong, durable powder-coated steel construction, black-coated steel wire for lasting wear
• Stackable design adds versatility
• Spring-loaded doors open easily with one hand
• Triple-locking latch keeps pets secure

Material: Powder coated steel
Size: Two regular cages (each measures 47½" x 23¾"W x 23⅝"H), and One X-Tall cage (measures 47½" x 23⅝" x 32½"H). Assembled Cage Bank measures 47½"L x 23⅝"W x 83½"H.K108