Luxury Pompon Pet Teepee House – 28 Inch Beige Elegant Cat Dog Puppy Snuggle Canvas Tent Bed Furniture By Wonder Space

Love Your Pet, Give Her a Warm and Sweet Home!

Pets love their own space, and this pet tent is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, the home, yard, beach, camping, and more. It's not only a pet bed, cat and dog rest room but also a pet toy house, play room. The pompon teepee bed tent is Pure White and unique Native American designs with pompon dual-flap front opening that suit your home decoration and perfect to decorate your living room. Both you and your pet will love it!

Package Contents:

1* Cotton Canvas Teepee Bed
1* Pompon Top Hanging Drop
4* Pine Wooden Pole

Note: The floor mat is not included.